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Pet Misbehaving? It Might Be Your Fault

Don’t force your pet to face his fears (like nail trims). Instead, use positive-reinforcement techniques to help him become comfortable with the anxiety-inducing activity. Fear, stress and anxiety are at the root of many problem behaviors in cats and dogs — and in some cases, human behavior is the direct cause of a pet’s actions. […]

Take the Stress Out of Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

How can I teach my dog to let me trim her nails? She hates having it done, and it’s so stressful for both of us that we often forgo it entirely Your dog isn’t alone in her distaste for nail trims. Many dogs cower or flee the room at the mere sight of clippers. The […]

5 Ways Collars Can Harm Your Dog

Collars are a vital part of dog ownership. They allow pet parents to walk their pup on a leash and they provide a place to hang ID and vaccination tags. However, if used in the wrong way, collars can lead to serious or even fatal injury. Here are five ways collars can potentially harm your […]

People Who Talk To Their Pets Are Smarter Than Those Who Don’t

I admit it: I talk to my pets. I even have a different voice for each one. My non-animal friends think it’s silly and more than a little crazy to carry on these one-sided conversations. But Nicholas Epley, professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago, disagrees. He feels it’s perfectly normal to engage in […]

What Causes Stress in Dogs and How to Ease It

Just like people, dogs can get stressed from time to time. And while there are plenty of external elements that can get our dogs stressed, sometimes we, the owners, can create that stress without even realizing it. No dog owner wants an unhappy dog and this is why it’s important to take notice and learn […]

A Guide to Leash Pressure

Teaching your dog/puppy to understand the meaning of leash pressure is extremely important.  Pressure from the leash, whether created by the handler or the dog, is going to be a factor in your dog’s life, in one way or another, so it’s important that they understand it’s correct meaning. When properly understood, a dog will […]

Algae Can Poison Your Dog

Dog owners have reported this summer that their pets became fatally ill after swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds, apparently after ingesting water laden with toxic blue-green algae. Intense blooms have led to swimming bans from lakes in the Pacific Northwest to the entire Mississippi seacoast, to Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest lake. Algal blooms […]

Socialize Your Puppy

All puppies go through critical stages – important times when the environment profoundly influences later behavior. There are several critical stages in your dog’s psychological development, and some excellent books on the subject. Here’s information that will help you handle your puppy properly. Early socialization is critical to a dog’s healthy psychological growth. Think it’s […]